Tuesday, 22 March 2016

After equinox, before lunar eclipse rants

This week started of uneventfully which left me more tiring than usual.

Firstly, we had a tyre puncture on Monday morning right before leaving for work.  We had to change to the spare and then rushed to the tyre shop to get a new one. It definitely bore a big hole in our pocket suddenly.

On the way home after work, there was a heavy traffic at our housing area. Upon reaching home at 10pm, we then realized there was a total blackout. The whole neighbourhood was affected hence the congestion as most of them had drove out for air-con due to the heatwave. In the end, we too had to dine in our car as it’s too dark and hot to eat in the house. By the time electricity was up and running, it was past 1am… way past bedtime.

Waking up this morning for work was like any other day except for the unexpected horrific traffic jam all the way from home to office! Mind you, stalled vehicles, accidents and road hoggers are the daily norm but the horrendous jam this morning was really nerve wrecking! It felt like a domino’s effect from yesterday’s blackout. Anyway, I did notice that there were many new cars on the road… hmmm. So humans, since you can afford to keep buying new vehicles then please refrain from complaining of petrol hikes and other economy hikes or inflation. It is part and parcel of owning a vehicle.

And then… I realized I have left my reading glasses at hub’s shop last night. Only an empty spectacle box with me… sigh! I wonder what’s next?

Once bitten, twice shy. Three times a fool! Enough of my rants! So let’s hope that is the end of my uneventful week and a more fruitful lucky one coming my way! Perhaps striking the lottery? *praying very very very hard*

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