Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Post KLBAC Book Sale

Just a recap of last Sunday's KLBAC Book Sale at Super Pharmacy Section 19 PJ. I liked the location as parking is free plus it's easy to locate the pharmacy. The only disappointment is the day/time and F&B.

Well, the day and time has impacted the crowd as it's on a Sunday from 10am to 3pm. Most church-goers and Sunday sleep-ins would skip this as the timing is off. Plus the BBW double sale was on it's last weekend at MAEPS so I assumed most readers are there to get their final loot.

Although they have spaghetti and lasagna, it's missing hot coffee!!! LOL! I would have preferred some hot coffee or tea as opposed to the regular vending machine drinks. Honestly!

I also noticed the lack of publicity hence the lacklustre response. Depending on Facebook coverage is never enough. There are many readers who are not smartphone enabled. Also the story-telling by Grandma Ean was too early so not many people then. The colouring contest was timely but the parents were mostly non-readers hence the lack of interest.
Ai Jou and I shared a table this time
Storytelling by Grandma Ean aka Teo Choon Ean 
Selfie with author Teo Choon Ean
My final book haul for this year which costs me RM50 only! Frugal mode on!
I got this beautiful gem from Vannitha of Itch to Switch! So loving it!
The next one is on a Saturday, 20th February 2016, same location. Not sure if I'll join in yet... still thinking about it but I do have a lot of books to be rid of... will update in due course.

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