Wednesday, 17 February 2016

My KonMari Journey: Miscellaneous (Office / Living Room)

Finally, I have finished papers and moved on to miscellaneous aka komono. It was not easy especially since I have to evaluate the importance of these papers though it does not spark joy literally! Hence the automatic discard of papers without even thanking them! I totally forgot about it until someone in the KonMari Facebook group highlighted this. Of course, I was aghast but then it had been disposed of so can't do much but I did feel lighter... like some dead weight has been lifted off my shoulder. Honestly I do not know why I've been hoarding all those old warranty cards, expired manuals and whatnots! I'm truly glad to rid of at least half of it as I managed to downsize the usage of my shelves from 5 to 3! Unfortunately, no photos here as I was really on a roll!

Anyway, I've reached miscellaneous which is a huge portion and has been recategorized to 7 sections by Juju Sprinkles which I find easier to work on. Honestly the more it's been sub-divided, the easier it is to really concentrate and KM. The 7 sections are:
1. Office / Living Room
2. Kitchen
3. Pantry
4. Household Supplies
5. Tools
6. Bathroom
7. Furniture / Decors

Working on the first sub, office and living room, with so many tiny winy stuffs!
This one took quite a while as I have loads and loads of rubbish! Oh well, I do love collecting stationeries so it's quite difficult to part ways with it even though I have at least a few of the same as it sparks joy to me! I know, it's what you would call hoarding but to me, it's my collection!
Some of my notepads
Some of my notebook collection
Not sure if the rubbish collector was happy with my junks!
After much pondering, I've decided to keep anything that sparks joy, as dictated by Marie Kondo, and discarded the unused, unwanted, useless non-joy rubbish! It definitely felt much better though I did not managed to cut down at least by half (my initial target) but I did managed to rid of at least 30%! The rest is hubby's like CDs/ DVDs, cords/ controls, etc... so I've just packed it nicely so that the whole view sparks joy to me! Praise to myself - Job well done! A big pat on my back! LOL!

Next stop: Kitchen!

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