Tuesday, 23 February 2016

MPOV: Gossip Nails & Waxing

I have not gone for a pedicure in ages. Well, I thought why the need to splurge unnecessary when there's no function. So I'm still sticking to my frugal goal with the exception of festivity and the likes of Chinese New Year :-)

Found this subtle shop in Jaya Shopping Centre, located at 4th floor next to Buku Fixi. It was early hence the quiet Sunday morning which I liked.
It may just be a small den with 2 seaters and a bed but the pedicurist was efficient. She was truly gentle with my feet and it was a comfortable experience. Even the massage was soothing! I forgot to mention about my 'thin' skin but I did not incur any injury nor any bleeding! Yahoo! It is definitely a blessing as most shops don't get it right and usually kinda rough with the clippers thus resulted in cuts and bleeding. Also some pedicurists used their 'cow strength' during massage which caused discomfort and pain hence a phobic experience for me. So this girl is in my good book for sure!

However, like most nail salons, the equipments were not sterilized and no change of towels so I guess the trend has evolved to this. I do wished such hygiene practice was maintained as it is a PLUS point for me, I'm sure it is for others too.

Anyway, this is definitely a blessing as it was a pleasant experience for me overall! I've also took a leap of faith and chose RED! I've never painted my nails red before, maroon yes but never red red LOL! So this is a first for me...
OPI colour: Coca-Cola Red
Pedicure is RM45 and I'm loving it! A worthwhile CNY treat for myself!

My rating: 3.5/5
Location: Lot 4.37, 4th Floor, Jaya Shopping Centre
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gossipwaxing/

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