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MPOV: Deadpool

One night, at the bar that he met Vanessa, he is approached by a recruiter from a secret program. He is offered an experimental cure for his cancer, but he rebuffs the man and leaves. Desperate to live, he reconsiders and leaves Vanessa in the middle of the night to undergo the procedure. He is injected with a special serum by Francis Freeman and tortured for days by Angel Dust in order to trigger a mutation. After weeks of no success, Wade is strapped into an airtight chamber after insulting Francis. The drop in oxygen triggers a healing factor that takes his cancer "as far as it can go", severely disfiguring his face and skin in the process, but effectively rendering him immortal. He escapes from the chamber by blowing it up and attempts to kill Francis, only stopping when he says he can cure Wade's disfigurement. Wade is then impaled by rebar and left for dead in the destruction of the lab.

Although he tracks Vanessa down, he cannot come to terms with his complexion, and he keeps himself away from her. Wade moves into the home of an elderly blind woman named Al, and with the advice of his best friend Weasel, he becomes a masked vigilante named "Deadpool", and begins hunting down Francis and dismantling his organization.

The above taken from Wikipedia.

This movie started comicly with the many funny intros of the casts so I was a little bummed as to what to expect. And then the profanities started so it began to feel a bit trashy. Definitely unexpected for me that this is a different type of superhero. Not the glamour/downfall/glamour type but more of the trashy/brashy type. Though trashy, it was tastefully done with many witty and puny dialogues filled with foul languages :-)

In truth, it was sadistically gory but in a comic expanse hence it was still bearable to watch for the likes of me LOL! Yeap, fully CGI laden but not as realistically so ok lah! I actually kinda liked Deadpool's approach of being a superhero though he claimed he isn't. Also with a little X-men interception gave it a nice effect. Definitely a cool movie intro of this unlikely superhero!

On the other hand, casts wise, they were good especially Ryan Reynolds. Green Lantern aside, I think he's better off as Deadpool. Felt more at ease, laidback and likeable but I don't think he'll get any award for this movie. Oh ya, there was a little Stan Lee cameo in the movie too, as usual...

However, I wonder what happened to Angel after being carried out by Colossus at the end... hmm...

Thankfully, with the R-rating, this movie wasn't censored as much. Though brash, it's entertaining but not for the faint hearted. Unfortunate for me, there was a row of so called educated yuppies behind my seat who were loud and enjoyed kicking my chair so they kinda spoilt it for me a bit, environment wise. Other than that, the movie was fun to watch. FYI, a sequel is in the planning stage now so we'll just have to wait.

Honestly, I have no qualms letting my kids watch this movie though it's R-rated. There's nothing wrong with it but I know many parents would disagree with me. Btw, Freddy Kruger and loads of other horror movies were worst off ya and they were 13PG! Only difference is the lack of profanities in those movies. Anyway, kids will watch it sooner or later from the internet so they might as well watch it with me and I can guide them accordingly. It's just profanities and gory scenes for crying out loud *slaps forehead* sigh! This is just my 2 cents.

My rating: 4/5
Directed by Tim Miller
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T.J. Miller, Gina Carano, Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kapicic, Leslie Uggams
Category: R-rated (A 2016 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name)

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