Monday, 18 January 2016

MPOV: Dave's Deli

Walked over to Atria after getting my reading glasses fixed. So, the newly reopened Atria was totally different. I felt like I was walking into Pavilion or Starhill! So high class now! Long gone the old inviting and family oriented feel... it was a total revamped... like a new shopping mall! You definitely can't find any cheap stuffs here anymore, only expensive goodies.

Well, we were actually scouting for dinner and finally settled on an old favourite which we haven't had in years! Dave's Deli had always been a local fast food favourite so it was surprising when hubs said the taste has evolved. He always opted for 1/4 roasted chicken (RM19.90) so he would know the difference.
My usual footlong sausage RM17.90
Footlong sausage has shrunk in width, it used to be much fatter. Thankfully the mashed potato is still as good and heavenly! So loving it! However, the salad accompanying the dish was in a rather poor state... it was dry and wither... not sure why.

Our total bill was RM39.70 inclusive of a bottled mineral water and 6% GST. The prices stated on their menu board has included GST so rest assured those are the amount payable. No more no less.

Just like a Malaysian, clear and concise, for their Malaysian diners.

My rating: 2.8/5
Location: Lot C26, Atria Shopping Gallery
Type: Halal

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