Thursday, 21 January 2016

Malacca day trip

Finally had the chance to go for a short getaway with Angels during their school holidays last year end. We have decided against overnight due to the long weekend so a day trip it is.

So, this is a late post as I seemed to have misplaced the photos from my camera. I only have the ones from my phone to share hence not many, in fact, very few so this will be short and sweet.

We have decided on Melaka based on the majority votes plus other various factors LOL! You wouldn't believed our first stop though...

Malacca Zoo! Our previous visit here was memorable hence we decided to spend some family quality time here plus it's educational. Unfortunately, through the years, the place has dilapidated, the condition has deteriorated and the animals looked sick and tired. I guess this will be our last visit here.
Map of Malacca Zoo
After zoo, we headed to Jonker's Street for the infamous chicken rice balls. Again, it was jammed and crowded hence we had to opt for other less popular shops which turned out to be unappetising. Sigh! An afternoon walk along the street and it has started to drizzle. Bought some fresh butter and margarine pineapple tarts from the famous LW Nyonya Pineapple Tarts House and off we go to the car as the rain got heavier.

IMO, butter tasted so much nicer than margarine
Last stop before heading back to KL, a must try in Melaka, satay celup! We went to McQuek's Satay Celup at Jalan Parameswara and thankfully they had just opened so not many customers yet. It was a quarter past 5 then.
All in all, we had a wonderful quality and bonding time... fun as a family outing... definitely worthwhile albeit the few inconveniences! Now hoping Angels fare better in this year's major exams so that we can opt for a longer stay and better destination if the budget permits! I know I am looking forward to it *happy dance*

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