Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Dennis and Doreen's wedding

This is the first wedding I've attended after so long! I truly felt outdated and out of sync LOL!

So, this is my cousin's, Dennis, wedding with his long time girlfriend, Doreen. It was held at a hotel in Putrajaya 2 weekends ago and I thank God for sis' Karen Millen's dress which she has given me! Or else I'll definitely felt out of place as it was a magnificent wedding. All dressed to the nines in gowns and suits!

Anyway, just sharing some pics of the memorable evening:
The reception lounge
Waiting... bro's Ryan and Chris with mom and me
The first dish!
A nice classy band
Opted for red wine instead of whiskey :-)
Mom and moi... just realised no proper pics of me OOTD sigh!
The beautiful bride and groom
The last dish!
Our special thank you gift! Really cool but didn't kena lah jeez!
It was really nice catching up with my cousins, uncle and auntie. A memorable night indeed.

Thank you, Dennis and Doreen, for this wonderful reception. May both of you 'white hair till old' and have loads of children and grandchildren!!!

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