Monday, 28 December 2015

Phuket: last day

A dry day 3 but alas... we had to check out at noon so we didn't do much roaming nor beach-bumming. After a hearty breakfast and lazing in the hotel, we got a cab to Jungceylon Mall at Patong to loaf around and have a highly recommended lunch.
Jungceylon is a nicely designed mall with many interesting facades

Finally feeling hungry, we headed to the adjacent famous Food Village for lunch which is actually a combination of wet market (ground floor) and food court (first floor). It's highly recommended to us as the seafood here is apparently very fresh and cheap. Also, we can just bring it upstairs for it to be cooked and served. A very convenient business venture and smart marketing.

I didn't enjoy choosing the seafood initially as there were many stalls which looked the same at every corner. The wet market's workers were busy touting and haggling the tourists which made me so uncomfortable. Also they were unhygienic which nearly made my tummy churned! We opt for the quietest stall which happened to be a well groomed lady boy's... easy to talk to and negotiate.

The food court itself was also a little nitty gritty, smelt of roaches at some areas with unfriendly workers. Other than that, thank goodness the seafood was really fresh and it was nicely cooked. All in was +- RM130 I think, not as cheap as we would have thought for such ambiance. I guess my expectation was way off and busted our budget here.
Our catch of the day!

After lunch, we walked, loafed, walked and loafed until our feet gave way! We ended having coffee at Dunkin' Donuts for tea until it was time to leave for the airport... LOL!
Their iced coffee tasted way better than the ones in KL... I wonder why
Overall, Phuket is a very beautiful island to visit except for the overpriced restaurants and shops since 90% are tourists. We do have to scout around to compare prices and when we are lazy, that's where we got cheated especially by roadside vendors. Beware, their pricing is much higher than those at the malls for the same products. Maybe we didn't go far since we were at Kata the whole time.

The locals here are not as friendly too as those in Bali and not as initiative either. Maybe it's the language barrier. I do love the beach here though... felt very comfortable bumming and tanning... more breezy and fresh! I won't mind coming here again but perhaps not during rainy season and hoping to do more touring i.e. Patong, Phuket Town and island hopping.

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