Thursday, 17 December 2015

Phuket: day 2

Beware: another photo filled post!

Woke up to a cooling morning and then we realized it was actually drizzling! All thoughts of roaming around town was squashed! Thankfully, after a hearty slow breakfast, the rain finally stopped and we adjourned to the beach. The view was spectacularly breathtaking! Well ain't all beach LOL! I am a beach bum through and through even though I can't swim, just tanning and bumming around. Of all the beaches I've been to thus far, I think this has the most foreigners aka tourists! Like 90%! Only 10% were locals! Truly a beautiful view plus hearing the many languages spoken... felt like I'm a full-fledged beach tourist LOL! After a short fresh breath-in at the beach, we headed to the main street and walked around the town.
Yummy buffet breakfast supplied by the hotel

We had our dinner here the night before
And then... it started to drizzle again... sad but true. So stopping by 7 11 for raincoats and some nice porky tea bites. We didn't realized we have 2 big umbrellas in the room or else we could have saved on raincoats *sheepish grin*
Back at the hotel, hubs went dipping in the rain...
Yummy 'economy lunch' Thai style again after discovering the umbrellas LOL!
Our porky tea bites from 7 11!
Our daily visitor came again for tea time...
Sun came out again so this time we headed to the beach for some bumming and tanning! Erm me lah... hubs was busy photographing! 

Nice beach mat from hotel!

Another birdy visitor!
Clouds looming over again... sigh!
A pet saviour and her compatriot
Dinner this time was just a 3 mins walk from our room... an affiliate with the hotel which served some nice Thai+Western fusion food. Definitely way better than the night before, yummylicious with great service! Totally enjoyed the overall ambiance here.

After dinner, another walk about to digest the yummy food but our walk was short-lived. It started raining again so back to the hotel we go! Definitely a rainy day 2 so hit the sack early that night, hoping for a dry day 3 *fingers crossed*

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