Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Phuket: day 1 after checking in

Finally, we got our room! All the waiting was forgotten upon seeing the room! Trust me, it was really worth it! Maybe I had not been in such a beautiful hotel before but I truly enjoyed the facility provided. We stayed at Sugar Marina Hotel (Fashion) at Kata and the pool access was my favourite! Even though I can't swim *fawn unabashedly*
Our tea from 7 11, just around the corner
Our uninvited guest chirping for a bite too!
Alas... the heavy downpour
I haven't found the photos of our room, I think in hub's camera, so no sharing here but trust me... it is really nice with a beautiful hot tub cum shower bathroom, high raised yet firm bed with fluffy pillows, lounge sofa in a still spacious room. Loved that they even provide the beach mat, umbrellas, robes, etc where most hotels don't. Once the rain finally stopped, it was time for dinner! Sad right?

We tried this restaurant, I honestly forgot the name, a few blocks down the road but the dishes were average only... nothing to shout about except for the nice ambiance...

Not sure why they called kangkung as morning glory when it's a different species altogether
After dinner, we walked along the street. The food stalls in front of 7 11 near our hotel was bustling with people! In the end, we gave in and ordered some too!

Our supper, grilled marinated meat and seafood
It's a relaxing vacay this time... not much sight seeing... no stress except for the rain :-)

More on day 2 in the next post!

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