Tuesday, 1 December 2015

My KonMari Journey: Papers

This is a really difficult one for me as I had tons and tons of papers everywhere! From upstairs to downstairs, from left to right!

Thank goodness I have a KonMari buddy, Ai Jou, who has been supportive and giving me advices when I needed it. I had to drill down the categories so as not to be too vague and be more meaningful to me. Luckily she had shared the below for my easy reference:
It's really a mess trying to gather all in 1 place. In the end, I had to stop and moved on to toys (under misc) first as I had to clean my kid's room. What can I say... in the end my kid's room, filled with toys, are sparking joy now! #win

Back to papers, it's taking me a long time to de-clutter it. Example below, 1 of the plastic container filled with notebooks, stationeries and papers. So so so messy, having to categorise it accordingly is difficult as my space is limited. Well, it's filled with clutter hence the limited space LOL!
Anyhow, to work on it will definitely take a very long time and I haven't even explored 'miscellaneous' aside from toys! Thinking of finishing my KonMari event by Chinese New Year 2016 but it's looking bleak now... I don't think I'll be able to meet this timeline, perhaps by my birthday then??? *fingers crossed*

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