Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My 3 favourite bookshops in Klang Valley

There are not many bookshops that I favour much as most of them are selling books at RRP and always trying to sign us up for their membership for further discounts. The below 3 bookshops are my favourite due to various reasons, price of course is the main factor.

Bookxcess is on top of my favourite list as it's always cheap throughout 365 days. No need to look for membership card, no need to haggle with the sales person and no need to worry about over priced books. Simple and straightforward purchasing. Their price can be as low as RM9.90 so it's dirt cheap compared to paying RM39.90 at normal bookshops. You can apply for free membership for further discounts with purchases above RM100 but I didn't reached that amount before so didn't bother anyway. Also do note the books here are remainder books hence it's of older titles so do not expect fresh from the oven new arrivals. FYI, they are affiliated to Big Bad Wolf sale so the prices during BBW is way much more cheaper!

Find out more details here:

Bookalicious! is an indie bookstore with lower priced books. Here you can expect all those fresh from the oven new titles! They sell all kinds of books from Young Adults to New Adults to Fantasy (to name a few genres) and even special editions plus boxsets! So many varieties for the many different palates. The prices here are roughly 20% to 35% cheaper depending on the publisher/ distributor/ etc factors. Definitely cheaper than the normal bookshops and I don't need to be a member either. So this is my next go to bookshop if I couldn't find it in Bookxcess.

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Last but not least, Popular. You must be thinking 'am I crazy' right? A normal bookshop? Well, do you know they do have a special discount/ clearance corner called 'Blockbuster Sale'? All their so called remainder books will be available here for clearance so the pricing is really cheap too, from RM8! So when I do pop in to Popular, I'll head for this corner without fail :-) You'll never know what gems you could unearth here. FYI, I enjoyed their RM5 English books Fiesta recently at Summit USJ... so many titles... so worth it at RM5 each!

This is their website:

These are just my favourites, do share if you know a better one! I will add it in here if it's price-worthy!

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