Wednesday, 16 December 2015

MPOV: Pinocchio

The world's most loved fairytale is back in a whole new fantastic imagining in Pinocchio. When a piece of pine-wood falls into the hands of the poor old toymaker Geppetto, he carves it into a puppet which he names Pinocchio. To Geppetto's delight, Pinocchio comes to life - and like most little boys, he's full of reckless whims and wild ideas! His crazy escapades lead him into a series of madcap adventures from joining the circus to visiting the inside of whale! Along his journey, and throughout all the fun, Pinocchio learns to be considerate and courageous and learns what it takes to become a real boy.

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A humble remake of an old famous tale, apparently from the Czech Republic. Beautifully produced and effectively retold of a puppet in his journey to be a real boy and the human values he eventually learnt. A morally good movie for the young ones.

My rating: 3.5/5
Directed by Stepan Gajdos
Casts: Igor Ondricek, Aaron Kissiov
Category: family, fantasy

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