Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Day out with Angels

I was all hyped up last Saturday for a day out with my Angels. The day started beautifully with wan tan mee breakfast with hubs before he dropped us off at Summit. After that, it was the waiting game for Popular RM5 Fiesta to open it's doors. After a couple of hours of books and stationery, we headed for the ToysRUs Clearance sale upstairs on 4th floor. Surprisingly, it was pretty breezy as most of the toys were meant for babies and toddlers hence nothing much for my teens LOL! After an hour or so, we headed to Old Town White Coffee for something to munch, get hydrated and to rest my dear feet.
The staffs were busy getting ready before the door opened while we waited
Here's my haul except for John Boyne's which is my girl's! RM5 each! What a steal!
I am very proud of myself, setting a limit and sticking to it! I set my book purchase limit as 5 and I've stuck to it. I actually had more but reduced it to 5 so I am really happy about it. I mean I have so many TBR books and I won't be able to finish reading it any sooner. Adding more books will mean more hoarding so trying to reduce the buying but I can't do it overnight killing my itch instantly. I'm aiming for zero buying next year and clearing as many from my TBR. These books will always be in print, only the matter of pricing. I can still buy it after I've cleared at least 50% of my TBR and not simply hoard especially authors I've not read. What if I keep buying it based on good reviews but it might not be my cup of tea? Wasting money right? 'Waste not, splurge not' - my anti-hoarding mantra LOL!!!

Anyway, the afternoon was basically another waiting game as I was supposed to meet up with my ex-colleagues from Cellini Design Center. Evelyn was kind to pick us up from Summit at 3pm but she got delayed due to the very bad weather and traffic jam. Finally meeting up with the ladies after 2 years was momentous! Unfortunately, I was under the weather - without voice, so can't speak much... only able to laugh non-stop! It was filled with joy and laughter... even my kids were fully entertained by this bunch of aunties LOL!
Michelle's home-cooked yummy organic and healthy noodles and salad for tea!
Avis, Evelyn, Michelle and moi - ex-colleagues yet friends for life!
We met up at Michelle's shop - she's selling healthy organic produce in Taipan, USJ. You can check out her Facebook page for more organic details:

I never knew healthy organic food can be so yummy! I do know it's a first for my kids so it was rather difficult getting used to the taste. Not only them, me acquiring healthy taste buds will be extra difficult after 40 odd years of unhealthy junks and snacks LOL! Well, there's a start for everything in life so planning for a more healthy diet in the coming months... slowly but surely... including lifestyle too. But I don't think I can stay away from my favourite junks so perhaps a mix of both then. Need to balance it and so do you. Unfortunately, being healthy is not cheap so give and take lah!

Life is short so live it to the fullest! Carpe Diem!

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