Thursday, 26 November 2015

Phuket: day 1 before checking in

We were in Phuket recently, our first trip here, thanks to hub's lucky stars! Unfortunately, it was raining season so we spent most of our time at the hotel. Thankfully, it was comfortable with many facilities and also with pool access, so totally worth it!

Warning: this will mostly be photo filled and it will be separated into a few posts.
Breakfast at Nyonya Colours, KLIA2
Our flight was early thus we did mentioned to the hotel about checking in early but alas... not sure why there's no record of it and we were made to wait for more than 3 hours before we were shown to our room. The staffs did suggest for us to walk around the town or go to the beach or have a long lunch but we were not in the right gear plus it started raining so there wasn't much we can do. After a short walkabout, long lunch and short beach walk, we hurried back to the hotel as it started raining. Sad but true. After that it was just the waiting game until, finally, the room was ready for us... sigh!

Here are some of the photos I took enroute to the hotel...
We took a 'taxi van' and it stopped midway for a short debrief. This was when I saw the marching band passing by
Lovely weather when we arrived

 We had lunch at a local restaurant which we accidentally stumbled upon...
Our yummylicious lunch! A local economy rice
The humble restaurant. It's just a 5 mins walk from our hotel
Landmark next to the restaurant

The lane leading to our hotel
To the beach, we go

A surfing school cum pub right next to the beach
Back to the hotel as it started raining
When it started raining, my heart dropped. I didn't realised it was raining season then... well, beggars can't be choosers right? So we made full use of our time after that...

Well, next post would be after checking in :-) Just too many photos, didn't want to photo-bombed all at once :-p

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