Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Deepavali greeting and a peek in my small garden

Firstly... a very Happy Deepavali to all who are celebrating this auspicious festival of light! Also a Happy Holiday to the rest who are enjoying this public holiday!

Secondly, here's a look into my small garden. I'm happy and proud of my babies though much effort had been put in so that they look marvellous! All thanks to the masters in Malaysia Gardeners Facebook group! Oh yes, learnt many tips especially in reviving my plants and now hoping for more blooms. Also added a small edible section which I'm so proud of *grinning widely*

My edible section is on the right, on the rack
My semi-shade area plus seedlings
I definitely would not have a flourishing garden if not for all the tips I've learnt. Joining this group has been a real blessing and inadvertently got poison a bit lah... i.e. the beginning of my edible section. Also, I'm in the midst of making my own organic compost! *pats on the back* It is actually very easy so my next target is to make my own Fish Amino Acid which is also as easy! Taking 1 step at a time *fingers crossed*

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