Monday, 30 November 2015

Big Kids Coloring Book: Fairy Houses and Fairy Doors - Volume Two coloring book cover contest result

I've recently participated in an international colouring contest and it was a huge challenge for me. Well, aside from getting our masterpiece printed onto the book cover, they have also included some monetary prize... very tough as expectation would definitely be higher!

Dawn D. Boyer is an artist working on her second colouring book which will be published end of December hence this colouring contest. There were 6 artwork to choose from and we can send in a max of 2 entries per person. The first 100 entries will be considered for the judging panel and I managed to submit my entries on time! Phew!

My masterpieces:

There were some guidelines to adhere to so I dare not simply post lah in case disqualified. Anyway, they have just announced the winners today and alas... I didn't win any *sob! sob!* To be honest, there were really many good entries! I was in awe with their masterpieces... truly well-deserved! Congrats to all the winners!!! I wished I was more creative then... well, picking up some pointers for future contests :-)

Overall, this was an eye-opener for me. Also, I did have fun colouring those 2 artwork and it was an enjoyable contest to participate in. I'll definitely look forward to many more contests to participate in and have no fear, just have fun with it!

Thank you, Dawn, for this wonderful exposure... definitely learnt more from this humble experience.

If you would like to know more of her upcoming colouring books or be the first to know of her future works and colouring contests, click and like Dawn's Facebook page here:

Dawn has also created a group for all crafters and colourists alike in Facebook, a platform for us to share the end results of our masterpieces! You can join the public group here:

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