Monday, 16 November 2015

30 Day Minimalism Challenge

My KonMari buddy, Ai Jou, had shared this with me, hoping it could also helped me in my de-cluttering process:
This 30 Day Minimalism Challenge was created by Rachel Aust, a successful minimalist with a vast How To YouTube videos which you can refer to.

Thus far, I have not been successful with her challenge, although similar to KonMari Method, the order differed hence a little kelam kabut for me. But I do liked the fact that we have to identify our personal style first. Also with a theme, it helps to narrow down the collection LOL! Anyway, will still use the challenge whenever and whatever suitable, as an additional guiding list.

You can try it if you prefer a less hassle and fast method. Check out her YouTube channel here:

Download the challenge from here:

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