Monday, 19 October 2015

Penang: last day

Our last day in Penang was very subtle and short.

We had breakfast here which was nearby our hotel, 5 mins walking distance.
Food here was yummy and cheap! Worth coming to...
Our hotel, clean and comfy
We checked out from the hotel and went north east, hoping to visit the Swettenham Pier and Fort Cornwallis before leaving Penang but alas... the parking attendant didn't allow us to park there... claiming that it's for cars going to the terminal. It was the only car park which was available as the others were full so too bad... we headed for the ferry then.
Bye bye Penang!

The ferry ride was a first for Angels so we had a good time while waiting to reach the mainland. It may be a tiring 3 days trip but worthwhile spending quality time with them. Wished that we could have brought them to more places and even the beach but I guess that will have to be the next round then. Thankfully, they had a wonderful time and now they are planning where to go to next year! LOL!

Well, that's all folks! Like I said earlier, this is a short one :-)

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