Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Penang: day 2 before lunch

Day 2 concluded with more photos as we went to a few places and will be split into 2 posts i.e. before and after lunch. So this post will be photo heavy :-)
This vintage house was next to our hotel
First stop: Bukit Bendera -  the last time I came here, I was 5 years old in a traditional chugging funicular. Now it's an electrical and fast train!

A very sunny day!

Even this dog is sun-bathing!

We didn't go in as it was exorbitantly priced

After all the excitement uphill, we headed for lunch. Unfortunately, forgotten the restaurant's name but was really happy to have had this which was similar to the ones in Bangkok called 'Khao Kha Moo'. All thanks to hubby's sharp nose and eyes LOL!

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