Wednesday, 21 October 2015

New colouring books from Kaison

Recently, I couldn't resists to 'kirim' my colleague to get colouring books from Kaison when I saw the price. Well, it's dirt cheap and in postcard type so something different.
I immediately un-boxed it once I've gotten it. TBH, the quality is good as it's thick and being postcard type, I can choose whichever I want to colour. Imagine I can also frame the chosen masterpiece! The whole packaging felt so nice even though it cost only RM3.90 and RM6.90 respectively. I've since given the smaller one to my daughter and kept the bigger one for myself.

I've started on the owl which was the main picture that I liked from the stack. Unfortunately, I then realized there are 2 different postcard finishes on each sides. 1 is glossy and the other is matte finished. The owl was on the glossy page thus using colour pencils was not a good option as it'll have the grains and lines caused by pencils unless we shade it instead.
Owl from Slow Life, Slow Time
I wasn't really happy with the end result. Not as smooth nor natural. The colour looks faded somehow. I also didn't enjoy the whole colouring experience. Perhaps I should try a different medium like pastels or magic inks. Well, at this price, I couldn't have asked for more then...

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