Thursday, 1 October 2015

My KonMari Journey: Clothes

Updated: 11/11/2015 - found this really detailed and useful list for reference:
This is definitely easier said than done. After reading the e-book, I wasted no time and kick-started my KonMari event. I tend to procrastinate so better to start immediately with the clothes :-) I did asked myself first the questions Marie Kondo posted in the e-book i.e. why it's important, what I hoped to gain, what's my end result, why... why... why...

Well, for me, I just want to live in a happy, minimalist, welcoming, comfortable, prosperous house. A home which I visualize it to be. Basically, I just want to be happy and hoping for a bright future.

I later found this 1 pager which is really helpful for me, it might be for you too:
If you have read the book, you would understand what all this means. In brief, you are to de-clutter your stuff according to category and never, ever by room as it will usually cause a rebound in the future. So this checklist is really helpful in guiding you according to the categories prescribed which is why I've started with clothes. With the relevant sub-categories, it definitely does help in order not to forget whatever we have. Also, you can add in a sub if it's not covered. Cool right?

Well, when the day arrived, I gather all my clothes dutifully, including those from the other rooms and started de-cluttering according to the sub-categories. Picked up each piece and think 'Does this spark joy?'. Definitely not an easy task. I had many doubts, insecurities and at times blank. I guess it means no joy? LOL! Anyway, the main issue here is:
  1. Attachment - we tend to be attached to something and had a hard time getting rid of it no matter what justification even though we don't bother wearing it any more
  2. Distraction - I keep getting distracted by lots of things i.e. my dog kept barking, sudden rain so had to run down to keep the laundry, even some clothes brought back nostalgic memories hence the mind lost in memory lane
  3. Not focused - as in jumping the queue i.e. was de-cluttering tops and came across a cute bottom and going through bottoms instead. Also I felt rushed initially and then reminded myself that I should go slow, at my own pace
  4. No click - once it's not done properly, we won't get that satisfaction. When I de-cluttered my bags, I finally got my click hence I understand now what Marie was telling us in the book
The before where all on the floor but after that forgot to take any more photos as I was really engrossed
Didn't realized it's dark LOL! The after for the clothes that needed to be hanged
The end result, as we had to keep saying thank you to the ones we are discarding, we are actually showing gratitude to what we had, be thankful for what we have and be grateful for our future. I have never felt more in peace actually and do look forward the next category which is books. Definitely not an easy feat as books are like my 'heaven' *fingers crossed*

I do feel lighter, more clear-minded and happy. I just wished hubby would do the same as I have only re-arranged it for him. The discarding has to be done by himself as I would not know which sparks joy for him *brainwash time*

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