Thursday, 15 October 2015

My KonMari Journey: Books

Updated: 11/11/15 - found this really detailed and useful list for reference:
Believe it or not, I have reached the next category: BOOKS.

Jeng jeng jeng... more scary than clothes!

I'm still trying to perfect my clothes, trying to get that click (about 70% with clicks yay!) but I have also moved on to books and it is much more difficult for me as I love my books more than my clothes! This is a fact!
Clothes for donation
I broke it down to Fiction, Non-fiction and Magazines. For example, from fiction, I broke it down further i.e. children's (educational, classic, comic and storybooks) and adult's (male, female and mixed). I find that the narrower the category, the easier it is to manage it. However, when I was trying hard to feel if it sparks joy, that is the true test. Mostly blank... jeez!

The problem I had was most likely due to the hardcovers as I am a sucker for it. Hence saying nay to a hardcover is really difficult even if it doesn't sparks joy! Can you believe it? Also the books come in various sizes as some in mass paperbacks, some in trade paperbacks, etc. I should have taken note of the size when I was buying it then. So no matter how hard I tried to arrange it, the click was not easily found. I preferred arranging it by author which added to the complication. Sigh!

Non-fiction was easier for me as mostly sparks joy! LOL! Also, mostly are in similar sizes so it's easier to arrange it and getting that click! Furthermore, it's only 1/5 of my books and mostly consists of my handmade patterns i.e. sewing, cross-stitch and crochet so how not to spark joy? There are still some cookbooks left to settle and need to dig out more to see if anything hidden or left behind.
Some of my non-fiction, which is just a fraction of my books. I totally forgot to take a pic when I started with fiction LOL!
Found loads of gems from my cookbooks yay!
I still haven't gotten the click perhaps due to the To Be Read pile. I can't help it... I do not want to mix it with the ones I have read. So for sure, no more book buying until my TBR pile has dissipated *fingers crossed* unless it's in my shopping list (yes, a list to not simply splurge which contained some missing chapters to complete the collection, nothing more nothing less). Perhaps I need to get it parked in my cabinet so that it clicks *still thinking*
My 'to-be-read' pile
My 'for sale' pile...
As my friend, Ai Jou, pointed out, I am still not ready to part with my books thus I have not found the ultimate click. The letting go, especially hardcovers, is really hard as proven during the book sale last month which was why I didn't sell as much. A lot of work needs to be done still in order to move on. Need to really open up my mind again on my next KM event to finish up my books. I really applaud Ai Jou as she was adamant to let it all go by donating the balance of her books to The Revolving Library instead of lugging it all back after the book sale! I was aghast by her decision LOL! Well, in a way, I was still thinking of the costs spent, no revenue, etc. See what I mean? Need to really LET IT GO!!!

On another note, I do feel some changes in my environment like I'm happier, feeling more optimistic, feeling more thankful and blessed with what I have and even my garden is blooming! I also have more clarity of my friends and colleagues, who is true and who is fraud. I noticed even hubs seems to experience some changes although he hasn't KM much but I guess I have helped with the positive aura. Plus I also do KM a bit of his things lah! My anger management has still not pared down although it is much controlled now. Also the urge to shop has lessen! I have even found some gems which was hidden, thought I didn't have it hence now cancelled from my shopping list! Isn't it a blessing?!

An update of my sparking joy bookshelves:
Children's, mixed and male authors
Female authors
 And finally... my TBR has been decked into the bookshelves! Sparking joy! #Win!

Next will be papers which is another headache! It's all over the house so I wonder how I'll gather it all in 1 place?!!! Fingers crossed with the remaining of my books first!

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