Tuesday, 27 October 2015

MPOV: Mo Mo Paradise

Due to it's strategic location, we can see that it is always crowded so we were thinking no harm trying it right? Alas... we were wrong...

Maybe we have a different palate or taste buds but I guess the shabu-shabu here is not our cup of tea. It's a first shabu-shabu for me and I felt that it's like a mixture of steamboat and loklok but buffet style. Yes, most of the time we serve ourselves :-)
Selection of soups and we have our own soup pot instead of sharing
It was less crowded but still as noisy due to the shop environment
Hub's was herbal soup and mine was chicken
The plus point here is the teppanyaki was good and tasty. The downside, some of the ingredients for shabu-shabu were not as fresh and had the 'smelly oil' taste. It was fun for a first timer like me and able to cook for myself but other than that, I felt bloated after having it. Just not sure why. The other memorable dish for me was the sambal dip! Spicy yet fragrant!

At RM37.50 per head (total bill was RM79.50 inclusive of 6% GST), it's quite expensive as a normal traditional steamboat costs only between RM15 to RM20 per head. I guess we are paying more for the environment, choice of ingredients, teppanyaki, dessert corner, drinks and fancy pot style.

Oh yes, I enjoyed the dessert corner too especially the chocolate ice-cream :-)

My rating: 2.3/5
Location: 36A & 38A, Jalan SS21/62, Damansara Utama
Type: non-halal

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