Sunday, 25 October 2015

MPOV: Cow Sense for Young People (ARC)

Cow Sense for Young People is a compilation of Lydia Teh's articles first published in The Sun (Malaysia) between 2011 and 2012 in her column, “Tête-à-tête with Lydia Teh”.

Each article contains commonsensical advice for youngsters, written in the frequently-asked-question (FAQ) format.

Teh explains why one should never say cheese for photos. “That’s as fake as it gets.”

Plus, why one should never make these seemingly smart choices of “English” names: “Hazel may be a sweet name but if you call yourself Almond or Cashew, people may think you’re nuts.”

No offense meant to people who might need this book, however. After all, cow sense is rather rare these days.

Honestly, if you have been following my book reviews and Goodreads, you would have noticed that I seldom read non-fiction. It is usually not my cup of tea and I tend to yawn more when I read non-fiction.

So when the opportunity arises, I was a little skeptical as I didn't want to sound ungrateful with my lack of interest in non-fiction yet I wanted to branch out as I have been reading a selective few genres which are starting to bore me.

Surprisingly, this is a really good read. No bullshitting here as I totally enjoyed reading it! It is in a laid back manner yet getting the points across directly without beating around the bush. Also, Lydia has a really good grasp in writing, even for a non-fiction, in an entertaining manner with her exceptionally good English! I actually learn a few new words here. 

Initially, it was a little slow so I did yawn here (in fact I just got to know it is normal for a person to yawn 5 to 10 times a day). Then the pace picked up with humorous examples and on-the-dot incidents which I could relate to. It is definitely great for young people to pick this book up as you could learn loads of Asian cultures and mannerism which are slowly dying off in this vague world filled with social media and anti-social culture. Chivalry is dying so PARENTS, do get this book for your children!

This book is definitely a keeper for me :-) BTW, I didn't know a wife-beater is also known as a sleeveless undershirt or a singlet LOL!

My summarized thought:
I seldom read non - fiction but this is one book which I'll recommend. An easy read with loads of banter and funny examples! Truly a book for the younger generations to learn of humanity and chivalry as these qualities seemed to have died down as we evolved.

Memorable quotes:
1. Mark Twain said that kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can see
2. William Blake said it is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend
3. To err is human, to forgive is filial

Words of the day:
1. Gesticulation - a gesture, especially a dramatic one, used instead of speaking or to emphasize one's words
2. Recalcitrant - having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority or discipline
3. Renege - go back on a promise, undertaking or contract

My rating: 5/5
Author: Lydia Teh
Genre: Self development, self help
Publisher: MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd
Publish date: September 15, 2015

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