Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My Enchanted Forest

I have jumped on the colouring band wagon! LOL!

All thanks to my friend, Ai Jou!

Oh yes, I know it's a poor excuse to just blame it on a friend but this is not blaming ya, mind you. At a time when I was feeling down and demotivated, she had inadvertently opened a new path for me in lieu of colouring books. She didn't know of my woes but it was a coincident that she had indirectly introduced the colouring books which I later found out is good for de-stressing.

I also found out that adult colouring books is the latest craze! OMG! So many Facebook groups with many colouring fanatics sharing their colouring books and tons of coloured pencils! Also there are many adult colouring books in the market! I didn't know colouring could be that stressed!

Anyway, I'm not that crazy so I only have 1, Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford with my loyal Faber Castell coloured pencils. So far, I have finished 1 page, now just started the second page. Honestly at RM40 (I got mine from Bookalicious!), it is worthwhile as there are many pages to colour and also activities to ponder. Also the paper quality is thick, smooth and really good. I noticed some people had actually coloured using inks and Sharpies so perhaps I'll try that at a later stage once I have full confidence.

End result, I totally felt relaxed although my shoulder and wrist ached after that... need more colouring exercise I guess. If you have not tried it and enjoyed arts class when you were young, you should give it a try. It really does helped in de-stressing and relaxing your mind. So thanks Ai Jou for this! Really appreciate it!
My first completed page!
Just started second page ...

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