Thursday, 17 September 2015

MPOV: Old Friend's Pan Mee

We usually frequent the second stall but for a change, we thought of trying the first one since there are quite a number of customers there.
Pan Mee
We ordered 2 bowls of Pan Mee, mine was dried and hubby's was soup based, with a glass of iced Chinese tea. At RM10.50, it is reasonably priced and the portion was really fulfilling with lots of ingredients. Although they did not used the usual vegetable for Pan Mee, I liked that they have spinach instead which is a much healthier version. Also the soup was sweet and without MSG which was a blessing. Overall, it was a cheap and simple meal with an open ambiance :-)
My rating: 3/5
Location: 1st stall (Old Friend), Gerai Makanan & Minuman Jalan 21/19

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