Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A healthy diet and lifestyle from now onwards

I am slowly learning and embracing a healthy lifestyle albeit a treacherous and difficult journey. Especially since hub's has hypertension, which ran in his side of the family, so the need to control and manage it is important.

Malaysian food, although delicious and tasty, is filled with lots of oil, salt, sugar, MSG and a whole bunch more unhealthy stuff. We have to eat healthily, observing the labels more especially when we buy packed food.

As I cook during weekends, now I have to learn to cook differently, using more herbs and natural ingredients for a more healthy balance diet. I've also learnt more about edible plants that I can grow via the various Facebook group channels which is really helpful.

For example, instead of using salt to taste, I've substituted it with basil and mixed herbs when I cooked this 'ABC Soup' :-)
Certainly tastier with fresh basil from my garden
My first herb: Basil
I also found this on Pinterest, which looked helpful
So from this day forth, a new resolution to live and eat healthily. Also, I am going to practice the KonMari Method of de-cluttering for a minimalist, welcoming and comfortable home so fingers crossed! I'll definitely share and post my journey here so for those who are interested can read and pick up a tip or 2!

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