Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Just July!

Finally, we have passed the middle of the year 2015!

There were many ups and downs during the first 6 months which got me thinking a lot. Really a lot as I was boggled with so many negativities. So staying positive was really hard. I may seemed happy outside but turmoil inside.

Don't worry, I'm not depressed yet, just confused and unhappy at times. Lately, been thinking a lot of my dad too. Perhaps it's just a phase.

So I've been trying to gear myself up to be more positive, brushing aside all the negativities especially acidic people. Reading more positive stuffs. Brain-washing myself with more positiveness. Not an easy feat as it is always easier said than done. Trying to achieve my long delayed dreams... my hobbies. Deciding what I want and need in life. So many questions but so little time and $$$.
My favourite quote
Enough of my rants!

Anyway, I've been quiet about my web log shop (blogshop) too due to:
  1. GST - I assumed many shoppers would reduce their shopping spree with the incremental of 6%
  2. Rental increased - I noticed that bazaar rentals are increasing hence a risk factor due to the decrease in shoppers
  3. Not a need product - I sell ladies accessories, bags and clothes which is a 'want' not a 'need' product hence another risk factor due to the decrease in shoppers
With the above risk factors, I have temporarily stopped participating in bazaars until the economy has stabilised, most likely year end. Also, since FIL has passed away, we have to balik kampung more frequently. As such, I am available ONLINE for now.

You can view and purchase my products here:
Pre-loved -
New products -

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