Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Great customer service!

I guess most of you would have noticed that I love Bar-B-Q Plaza! I usually frequent the restaurant in Main Place as it's less crowded plus the mall has everything I want *grinning*

Well, it has been awhile since we last visited. So recently, we went over for dinner and noticed that the menu has changed. While hubby was placing the order, I was about to do something (which I totally forgot) and then... lo and behold... something tiny crawled past on my table...

I was in eew mode and nearly flipped over! Quickly grabbed some tissues and smothered that tiny thing! After that, the waiter kindly took away that pile of tissues. Once food arrived, I had totally forgotten about that incident. 

I noticed that even the plating has changed which was why I took the photo below... now in bento instead of a huge, gigantic plate which is good as it saves more space. 
Mid-way through our meal, the branch manager/ supervisor suddenly presented us with a free plate of fried bacon. I was surprised as we were not a member (members do get a free fried bacon whenever they flash their member card) and didn't know what has transpired as branch manager/ supervisor spoke in Mandarin (banana me don't understand). 

Hubby translated then that it was complimentary due to the earlier creepy crawly incident which I had to endure. Branch manager/ supervisor had also apologized for this untoward incident. WOW! I was really in awe! This is what I call a good customer service! No, actually a damn great one! I was really touched by his thoughtful gesture hence this complimentary blog post. I truly thought that such customer service has ceased to exists due to past unpleasant experiences.

Thank you branch manager/ supervisor (damn, didn't noticed his name tag)! We truly appreciate this wonderful gesture! Not forgetting the waiter too, if he hadn't informed his supervisor, our incident would not be known then. Great customer service still exists and lives on! Thanks again!

P/S: other restaurants should take heed from this. Honestly if you do want to retain your regular customers and through word of mouth/ social media especially in our slump of economy now.

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