Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Balik kampung durian season!

Was in hubby's hometown over the weekend and it was durians galore! MIL was busy hunting for the dropped durians at her backyard, worried of the squirrels which were busy nomming it too!

Some of the durians picked
Once it's eaten by the squirrels, rest assured it's the best of the lot! Trust me, the squirrels have superb taste buds, just like me LOL! This time around, it's really meaty, tender and very fragrant! Beware, for the non-durian lovers, it maybe too pungent LOL! Just wished there were more to bring back to KL as mostly were in our tummy already... burp!
MIL's home-cooked yummy dinner... gourmet indulgence!
This time around, I'll refrain from posting photos of my angels due to the recent bout child pornography sites in Malaysia. It's scary, knowing there are many paedophiles on this shore. Furthermore, the law and security here are vague thus better to prevent than cry over spilled milk.

So moving forward, more photos of food, places, etc... LOL! I have yet to upload photos from our recent school holiday trip to Penang. Haven't decided on the photos yet... definitely of sceneries and food :-)

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