Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Happy Birthday Minnie!

Today is Minnie's 6th birthday! It's been a hectic few weeks as she suddenly picks up some skin disease... a real headache for us as she's never been to a hospital, not even to a groomer...
Initial hair loss patch
And then some other patches
So we headed to a pet shop and got her these as according to them, it should be fungal infection...
As her condition worsen and she seemed to scratch more, even bleed with skin flaking, we decided to head to a vet at UPM Serdang. Doctor's diagnosis - it's actually eczema... I wonder what is she so stressed about??? =.=
OTW to the hospital
After hospital and grooming LOL!
So with a cone, anti-biotic, anti-histamine, fish oil and some summer clips, she's getting better now.
TBH, so easy to bathe her without hair!!!
Lucky her, all these happened prior to her birthday so the full grooming is like a birthday treat for her lah! LOL! She also got to stay indoors more nowadays. I guess a blessing in disguise. So need to get her more indoor toys to occupy her mind. Unfortunately, she doesn't know how to sleep in a bucket with blanket. She thought I was going to lock her there and jumped out when I put her in! LOL!

Anyway, it was a traumatic few weeks for us as it's the first time so just hoping that she heals well and everything will be back to normal soon. Minnie, please continue to be a good girl ya... love you much!

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