Wednesday, 24 June 2015

#ArtForGrabs (World Refugee Day)

Recently went to check out Art For Grabs (World Refugee Day) event at The School, Jaya One with Tyger, mom, sis and bro (sis and bro were back from Singapore). TBH, we nearly got lost as the parking and mall were really confusing with poor signages.

Fortunately, after going around, we found the event by chance. It was a little crowded with many wonderful locally handmade crafts including some made by the refugees. So many talented Malaysians! Really eye-opening and interesting but I feel that they should have gotten a better venue as this was a little tight-spaced. All in all, it was for a good cause so the location could have deterred many who might be interested to drop by. If not for my bro, I would not have gone too. Just my opinion though.

The beautiful bookmarks from Mah Meri! TBH, I should have gotten more lah...
Managed to swap 3 books at KL Book Exchange booth!
For more details, you can check out their Facebook page here:

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