Wednesday, 6 May 2015

MPOV: Nasi Hadramot Restaurant

Trying out middle eastern food without any guidance was not a good recipe so my experience here was not as flourish as it should be.

Firstly, looking through the confusing menu for the umpteenth times will not ease the mind especially with all those unfamiliar jargons or names of food. Also, misleading typos will add to the confusion so seeking clarification is a must. One cannot just assumed.
Our order of Hadramot Mix Grill for 2 RM55
After removing the flat bread, didn't expect everything to be dry
A quiet restaurant albeit crying babies behind us
We decided to order the mix grill platter after clarifying with the waitress that it's meant for 2 pax. She also explained it was their bestseller and we could dip dip the bread etc. So when the food arrived, honestly, I was flabbergasted as I was expecting a bowl of gravy or some sort for dipping instead of just mayonnaise. The whole platter was dry with a variety chunks of processed meat. Thankfully, the meat was tender and somewhat flavourable juicy but it was a little taxing in the end having to chow down so much meat without vegetables and gravy. With the flat bread, it was definitely filling as we tried to finish it all but in the end, we couldn't. Not forgetting the sandwich thingy, crispy flat bread with tasty meat fillings, which I did enjoy. In short, a feast for the meat lovers for sure.

The ONE thing which blew my appetite away was the creepy crawly. Yes, you read it right. I nearly screamed out loud when a small cockroach fell off the chilli sauce bottle and on to our platter. The nice waitress quickly came over to resolve our predicament by removing the cockroach and then removing the portion of food which was 'infested'. Then she proceeded to apologise and explain how many times they clean the restaurant in a week and how... and that's it. I'm not sure why but I felt 'short-changed' in this whole scenario, as a victim. I truly lost my appetite then so the lost of a portion was a blessing in disguise.

Our total bill was RM73.70 inclusive of a glass of green tea (RM7), hot tea (RM5) and 10% Service Charge. No compassion discount nor gratitude fruit platter. I take it that the service charge is for removing the roach and disinfect the food. Alright, my bad for expecting something in return of what had happened but I do feel somewhat rugi... not sure how to phrase my feelings here. All in all, it's definitely leaving a very sour experience for me.

Rating: 2.5/5
Location: L 07 91-92, Lower Ground 2, Sunway Pyramid
Type: Halal

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