Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Thanks to honey + black rice vinegar, a concoction MIL heard would heal my prolonged cough, I had a bout of diarrhoea since Saturday. Not a good Mother's Day weekend for me but thankfully, no celebration either since we are still in the mourning period. FYI, FIL passed away early last month sigh! Lost of appetite and tired of sitting on the 'white throne', I think, finally, it has subsided today. So far that rumbling feeling hasn't returned for today *touch wood*!

Anyway, enough about those negative vibes, to think about it, a little positive too... I wonder how much weight have I lost *wishful thinking*

Well, back to reality... I just wanted to highlight a cool book club which I had recently discovered by chance and joined: KL Book Appreciation Club (KLBAC). All book -readers, lovers, hoarders- should join this cool group in Facebook! I have actually learnt more new things and the best part... made new friends with the same craze! Honestly, it's actually fun knowing that there are many people with the same hobby.

The admins are also actively sourcing for new stuffs, events, etc. Like recently they had a survey and I actually won a consolation prize! There wasn't any initially, just a main prize for a lucky winner but it was sudden like that.
I'm a happy camper even though it's just a consolation prize
They have actually organized an event this Saturday which sounds so goood! The KLBAC Literary Celebration will be held at Zest Cafe, The Sphere, Bangsar South this Saturday, 16th May 2015 3 to 6pm. Loads of lucky draw prizes to be won too! Drop by if you have the time... I still can't confirm if I could go... sigh!
You can check out their Facebook event page here:

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