Thursday, 16 April 2015

MPOV: Rocku Yakiniku

Had company lunch here last Monday (thanks boss!). Thankfully traffic was smooth from PJ to KL and the mall was quiet and comfortable. They serve Japanese charcoal grill buffet which is a first for me.
The grand entrance. You noticed those ropes? It was really smelly which was nauseating for me otw into the restaurant.
Similar to Korean BBQ minus the ventilator hose.

My dessert... the best of the lot!
Overall experience was pleasant, similar to other BBQ restaurants with efficient staff and service. Menu was brief and simple, mostly meat variety. They also have limited dishes at the buffet counter. Meat portion however was small and very thinly sliced but can be ordered repeatedly since it's buffet. Not many vegetable variety though so mainly for meat lovers.

RM39.90 ++ per head for lunch buffet with limited makan time i.e. 100 minutes but excluding drinks and desserts thus not as cheap as we thought. I guess it depends also on how much meat you can eat during that 100 minutes will make it worthy of the money paid. Anyhow, it was fun so the companion makes a difference here since I'm not a big eater.

Rating: 3/5
Location: Level 7, Dining Loft, Pavilion KL
Type: non-halal

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