Monday, 23 March 2015


Finally, a validation that I'm normal, not a hoarder! LOL! Just can't resists sharing this!

Well, I love books and whenever I'm in a bookshop, I truly felt like I'm in heaven! Honest to goodness, I can just browse and loaf in a bookshop for hours without feeling lonely... in fact, I actually felt at home. This is just me.

So when I finally discovered KL Book Exchange Club (you can search and join this private group in Facebook if you love books and reading) in Facebook, I was ecstatic! So many like minded souls in 1 group! It's so refreshing to learn something new, meet new friends, exchanging ideas and even discussing books! I know, I admit that I'm a bookworm but, hey, I have a life! How about you?

My kinda equation: book / haberdashery + coffee = heaven

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