Thursday, 19 March 2015

Quote of the day

My favourite quote which helps me up and think positive whenever I feel down and demotivated.

It came to mind again today as I honestly felt lost... without guidance... no validation... no affirmation. Why? This question keeps hovering over my mind. Should I continue? Should I stop? I am not a creative individual and without a marketing background as such it is difficult for me to proceed further, continue with my part-time business. At times, I just need that little nudge of validation so that I know I am on the right path but alas...

I know it is right to always proceed with what my gut tells me but being a fickle-minded person, I tend to think a lot which makes me indecisive. Hence such nudges would be greatly appreciated. It is hard for me without a clue on how to move on... if my decision is right... if I should still pursue this as the market is getting cold and the buying power seems to dissipate with GST looming over. I still have loads of stocks hence not continuing seems to be out of the question for now... sigh!

Decisions... decisions... decisions...

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