Tuesday, 24 March 2015

MPOV: Kedai Kopi Tai Zhong

I love old fashion coffee shops, especially in small towns, as it brings back that nostalgic feeling and the ambiance always makes me feel at home. So whenever we chance upon 1, especially when it is always crowded, we would definitely try it. Just like Kedai Kopi Tai Zhong.

Located off the main road in a quiet corner, this shop is always crowded when we passed by using the back road to avoid the traffic jam at the main road in Bidor. There are ample parking spaces so fret not ya... it's a distant from the hustle bustle of the main road.
No kidding... it was crowded on an early Sunday morning
A simple but yummy local speciality
The low profile facade
We ordered 2 plates of dried noodles aka 'kuon lou meen' with a dash of curry (a must!) and some 'liu' which cost us RM9.50. The curry was really tasty, not too spicy and not too milky. Overall food was yummy with a tinge of local goodness... loved the crunchy fresh dried 'liu' too! Our drinks (iced Nescafe and hot milk tea) was RM3.50. My milk tea tasted pure, not watery washed down even with less milky sweetness... my kinda tea. Even though it was crowded, we didn't have to wait long which shows their efficiency and promptness.

Rating: 3.5/5
Location: along Jalan Bidor Raya, Bidor, Perak - the first corner shop on your left after turning in from the main road, you won't missed it
Type: non-halal

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