Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Today is the 7th day of the lunar calendar which is also known as "yan yat" meaning 'everybody's birthday'. It's a day to eat 'sau meen' aka longevity noodle for the obvious reason and toss 'yee sang' for wealth and prosperity.

However, I have fallen sick again! Darn! How to rid of sore-throat, cough and fever permanently? It's tiring and being in a frozen working environment, definitely not helping unless I quit which I can't due to the mounting debts and responsibilities. Sigh!

Oops! Choi! Sorry for the negative rants which shouldn't happen during CNY... pantang (abstinence) a bit...

Anyway, just a recapped of hub's birthday recently which I want to journal it here:
An early treat at his favourite Bar-B-Q Plaza! Yummy!
Also cooked a special for him on the actual day. Recipe from Jamie Oliver but amended a bit due to limited ingredients LOL!
Tadaaa! Spaghetti with tomato and tuna ready for nom nom!
I wished that the year of the wooden goat will treat hubby fairly and fulfil his wishes what the horse has forgotten last year. May he be healthy, wealthy and wise!

Also, Happy Birthday ya all!!!

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