Thursday, 11 December 2014

A reminder to self

Feeling blessed
Feeling grateful
feeling thankful
These 3 feelings I have been trying to instil it permanently in me albeit a difficult one since there are so much negativity in me and also around me.
With so many unwanted, unwarranted and unethical human beings around, it's not easy to stay positive.
As such, this is a reminder to me every night when I go to sleep, every morning when I wake up and each time when I'm pissed.
I pray that I will succeed and eventually be more positive, more confident and also more happy.
Also able to ignore the negativity around me especially those unethical human beings who loved to inflict pain, sadness and anger.
For every fork or path in life, we have 2 choices, either left or right.
So we choose wisely and keep moving forward, let the past go and learn from it.
No point harbouring grudges and revenge against those you hate, I mean dislike.
Always believe in karma, what goes around, comes around.
Feeling philosophical today ^.^
Thank you for reading my thoughts.

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