Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sue & Adrianne's birthday party

It's been a while since I last saw Sue and Adrianne. So when Joyce mentioned of hosting a simple birthday party for them, I was astounded! It's pot luck so all the food we had were homemade except for my fruit punch which were canned fruits :-p The best part, all was coincidentally western! Amran brought spaghetti and fruit jelly, Steven made garlic bread, egg sandwiches and mushroom soup and Sue brought chicken pie! All so yummylicious and fresh!
Some of the homemade food from Amran and Steven
The laughing gang!!!
Betty Boo!!!
The birthday girls!
Totally fun, frivolous and filled with laughter!!! We laughed from day to night!!! All those energy! All those laughing exercise! When I reached home, I actually felt totally beat and headed to bed ASAP! Even hubs was surprised as I would usually troll around before going to bed LOL!

Really had a wonderful, memorable Saturday! Hoped to meet them more often, trust me, they will laugh all the stress away ^.^

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