Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Another date with le hubs: Tugu Negara

Yay another day date with hubs! Upon checking the calendar though, this is the last replacement public holiday which coincides with his off day for this year... sob! Anyway, we initially planned to go back hometown but looking at the long weekend and heavy traffic jam, we decided to stick to KL. Thankfully as we heard the long jam back to KL on Monday was as far as 30KM!!!

So we had decided to visit Tugu Negara and the lake opposite. Unfortunately, we didn't go to the lake in the end as it was bland, filled with families picnicking and crowded, both parking and lake. That afternoon heat was so way hot too! Even though it was cloudy but now I know it's actually hazy hence the heatwave. It was just a quick tour of Tugu Negara as besides the star attraction, there was nothing much unless you wanna bask in the heat and dating. Also with the dilapidating condition, badly maintained and rubbishes everywhere, we left after an hour plus. Some of the photos I managed to take, of course without the eyesores lah...
The National Monument

Photog in action LOL!
After Tugu Negara minus the lake opposite, we headed back to PJ... to my current favourite joint, The Main Place *grinning widely*. Definitely an unexpected short photography session since there was nothing much except for the mossies.

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