Tuesday, 30 September 2014

MPOV: Tao Cuisine

After all those scorching heat and tired limbs, we headed to Sunway Giza for an early dinner. Hubs found this restaurant by chance so thought of giving it a try since it was filled with rave reviews. The place was dimly lighted and laid back... very comfy with Asian fusion design. We were promptly shown to our seats after a brief welcome chatter. As I was scouring over the huge menu, hubs checked out the buffet and came back with these!
Finally a buffet with fresh oysters!!! Yay!!!
So yummy cheesy scallops!
Then I realised we were supposed to order from the menu the remaining dishes! The buffet was limited but the menu was filled with many wonderful dishes! No wonder the waiter kept turning up once I opened the menu!!! LOL! Anyway, only took photos of some of the dishes as we were busy eating away!
My view... it's the reception cum cashier
Cold noodle
Ice-cream and fish fritters
Cheesy prawns
The view on my left
Their tag line 'Authentic Asian Cuisine' explains the menu choices, mostly Japanese fusion cuisines. I totally loved the fact that everything is freshly made and served, not left on the buffet for everyone to poke and abandoned coldness. I even had to order for sashimis which meant my salmon was totally fresh! I think there were only about 6 choices available on the buffet for customers to take like the oysters which were so fresh and succulent. I truly liked their concept which also prevents food wastage, so so cool!

The buffet dinner costs RM62++ so total bill was RM143.85 inclusive of 10% service charge and 6% gov. tax which we paid after we had eaten. It was worth it for all the freshness and oysters!!! In fact, most expensive buffets nowadays do not offer fresh oysters ler...

Rating: 4/5
Location: 2nd Floor, Sunway Giza Shopping Mall
Reservation hotline: 03-61482826

Anyway, this concludes my day out with hubs... can't wait for another round with more replacement public holidays on his off days ^.^

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