Wednesday, 3 September 2014

MPOV: F4 Fish Head Restaurant

Sis was back over the weekend so we met up for the day, just lepaking at home with mom watching Perfect Dating *slaps forehead*. Erm... they watched, I was crocheting and half-watching it as I don't really liked such -in a way- degrading reality series. For dinner, bro Ryan and girlfriend joined us. We went to this place highly recommended by Ryan and true enough, it was good.
Lai liu har with salted egg
The famous F4 dual steamed fish
Stir-fried vege and tofu with pumpkin sauce
Honestly, although location is way off, their food is worth going for. Tasted just nice, not overly done and delicious. The fish was steamed just right and fresh. Even mom, who has exquisite taste bud, has no complaints at all! Oh... she did complaint of the vege which was apparently 'old' to her liking. When the bill came, we were surprised. At RM77 inclusive of our pot of tea, it was worthwhile and inexpensive. Of course, the place may look like a factory but it's cooling and comfortable even though crowded with good ventilation. It's a typical Chinese restaurant with the usual chatters and clangs but with good food and service.

As it was apparently always crowded for dinner, it is advisable to call for reservation first if you dislike waiting for a table.

Address: Jalan Subang 4, Ultramine Industrial Park, 47500 Subang Jaya
Phone: 60123153891

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