Thursday, 18 September 2014

Day date with le hubs: Taman Orkid

It is a rare occasion where hubs off day coincides with my public holiday so it was definitely a blessing 3 Monday's ago. We decided to head out to the free parks in KL! LOL! Beware: this is a photo-blog! Hence I've decided to split it into 3 posts - Taman Orkid, KL Butterfly Park and Tao Cuisine.

After lunch, our first stop was Taman Orkid aka Orchid Park which was free. I guess we were too early i.e. 1-ish as it was scorching hot! Of all time, I forgot to apply sunblock that day too =.= Anyway, there were many beautiful blooms although some was dry and wilting but I've only captured the nice ones so enjoy!

Photographer in action LOL!

Next post: KL Butterfly Park

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