Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My 42nd Birthday

A reminiscence of my birthday this year. Nothing grand but memorable in my books albeit a few untoward incidents.

Firstly, we had an unexpected day trip back to hometown to check on FIL. He's still weak but looking pink of health now. Spent some quality time with Angels too and I was so happy when they actually bought a cake to celebrate my birthday, 3 days early! I was so touched!
The next day, met up with my BFF, Joyce, and she gave me a chic envelope purse from Dorothy Perkins! It blew my mind off! Thanks so much babe!
On the eve, we had dinner at O' Viet. We actually wanted Shogun as I love Japanese food but the staff misinformed us and were kinda lackadaisical, chatting instead of serving hence we went off to look for other options. Will update our experience here in another post.
Upon switching on my notebook and mobile, Google greeted me... it brightened my day!
Unintentionally, we had a little western dinner on my birthday at TJ Haus. I've always loved the ambiance here and both the service and food are good. Will share that in another post ^.^
Although there were no big celebrations nor huge shenanigans, I totally had a wonderful time with sweet memories to boot with my loved ones. Not forgetting all those beautiful birthday wishes from Facebook to Google to Skype to Whatsapp to WeChat and even Instagram!!! Wow! Thanks to social media, we are all connected either near or far... so blessed to have them as my friends! Even sis Alvina, bros Ryan and Chris had something for me... an angpow from Alvina, a professional studio photoshoot voucher from Ryan and my domain name renewal from Chris ^.^

The only setback, I had diarrhoea and gastric after that... was on medical leave the next day sigh!
Anyhow, I am so so so blessed and thankful... a year older, hopefully wiser... amen!

Updated: a belated gift from my BFF, Chow!!!
Thanks so much dear! I loved it!

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