Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Phang clan reunion

For the first time, all of hub's immediate family were together for a reunion + celebrating an early birthday on 1st June. The only exception was his oldest nephew as he was unable to return from UK. Everyone had a blast although the food was not as good. Thankfully it was a great day and even the weather was agreeable.
The Phang clan
Celebrating SIL Annie's early birthday
4 generations but no one felt the gap. Everyone was busy catching up... enjoying the memorable moment. Even FIL and MIL obliged with the impromptu cake feeding and funny requests! No pics here... don't wanna embarrassed the elderly ;-)

It made me thought of my dad and family... wished we had more reunions back then when dad was still alive. Sigh! *sob! sob! sob! sniff!*

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