Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Minnie's 5th birthday

Yesterday was Minnie's 5th birthday and I actually wanted to give her a special treat but lately, she has become a rascal =.= 

Started barking more often, biting all kinds of things which she has been prohibited including my shoes and even went on food strike ignoring her favourite bone. Well, understandably, I guessed her naughty antics are due to her female hormones... she's on heat. Ya, ya, I know I should neuter her... soon, soon... need to convince daddy. 

So we went to the nearest shop to get some nice canned food for her after work but unfortunately, they don't have variety, just Pedigree chicken, so bought a can instead.
Added some kibbles and fried chicken, dare not put too much, just in case wasted
Full of curiosity, slowly nibbling it before fully attacking the tower of canned food! The end result: clean and clear!
Happy birthday to my dear Minnie! Loved you to bits even though you have been naughty! I pray you have a good health and longevity!

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